Monday, February 19, 2018

Meet #5 // February 18, 2018

Only one more regular meet to go before we will be wrapping up the 2018 Bible Quiz season and going on to the tournaments! Meet 5 was held at Pettisville Missionary with matches covering Genesis 25-27. Guards from Pettisville Missionary regained their lead in the season (14-2-1) after winning their four matches of the day with a 146.3 point average. Second place with an average score of 125 points was Vindicated from North Clinton who now has an 8-8-0 record and holds 6th place in the season. Striking (Pettisville Missionary) and And Dust You Shall Eat (Tedrow Mennonite) tied for third place with an average score of 122.5 points. More team and individual standings posted below.

Meet #4 // February 4, 2018

Team Spirit Day was held at Tedrow Mennonite Church on February 4th at a meet covering chapters 20 - 24 of Genesis. Vindicated from North Clinton (back row right) came in 4th for the day, averaging 101.67 points in their 1 win and 2 losses. In 3rd place with 3 wins and a 111.67 point average was Pettisville Missionary's Guards (back row left).  Quick from Central Mennonite won all 4 of their matches, averaging 131.25 points and breaking their tie with the Guards for first in the season. In 1st place at the Tedrow meet was their own team And Dust You Shall Eat! They averaged 141.67 points in their 2 wins and 1 loss. Justice Beck and William Nofziger from Central, and Jacob and Levi Myers from Tedrow still hold their top individual standing.

Below the team and individual scores are pictures of the wonderful team spirit displayed throughout the afternoon!

The Foreigners (Central Mennonite)

 Striking (Pettisville Missionary)

Rubiks Cubits  (Stryker Baptist)

Quick! (Central Mennonite)

And Dust You Shall Eat (Tedrow Mennonite)

The Four Rivers (West Clinton Mennonite)
 Admiring their little goldfish named Pishon, Gihon, Tigris and Euphrates after the 4 rivers named in Genesis 2.

Sisters from the Beginning (Eastland Baptist)

Pharaoh's Fury (Eastland Baptist)

The Golden Rings (North Clinton)

Vindicated (North Clinton)

The Guards (Pettisville Missionary)

Meet #3 // January 28, 2018

The third season meet over Genesis 15 - 19 was held at Tedrow Mennonite Church. Pictured below are the top 4 teams of the day. Pettisville Missionary's two teams (back row) took second and third place. An all girls team from North Clinton (middle row) called The Golden Rings came in first at the meet, putting them at third place over all in the season. After the first half of the season, 6 individuals still held their perfect scores: Justice Beck, Lucia Rodriguez (Foreigners, Central), Kate and William Nofziger (Quick, Central), and Jacob and Levi Myers (And Dust You Shall Eat, Tedrow).  Other team and individual stats are shown below.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Meet #2 // January 14, 2018

The second Bible Quiz meet of the 2018 season was held at Pettisville Missionary Church, continuing in chapters 8-13 of Genesis. Pictured below are the top 4 teams of the day. The Guards from Pettisville Missionary (bottom row) averaged 140 points in 3 wins and 1 loss. Quick, a three man team from Central came in second with 3 wins and 1 tie, averaging 117.5 points. Eastland Baptist's Sisters from the Beginning came in 3rd with scoring an average of 115, and Vindicated (top row) from North Clinton came in 4th with an average score of 110 points. 

Monday, January 15, 2018

Meet #1 // January 7, 2018

The 2018 Bible Quiz season has begun! 11 teams from local churches quizzed over Genesis 1-7 at North Clinton to start off the season. The top three teams of the day are pictured below, along with team scores and individual standings.  

 (Top row: Guards, Pettisville Missionary; Middle row: Quick, Central; Bottom row: Foreigners, Central)

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Meet #4 // February 5, 2017

Spirit day was held at Pettisville Missionary Church. The afternoon meet was an exciting time for teams as they dressed up and performed to show their team spirit! Quiz material for the week was Daniel 1-4, and matches took place in 3 small round robins.

Pictured below are the four teams that were recognized for their exceptionally enthusiastic and creative team spirit! Front row from left: Cosmic from Central/House Church, and Guardians from North Clinton. Back two rows from left: Unbound and The Voice, both from Eastland Baptist

The North Clinton team Flaming Darts (front row) won first place, averaging 140 points per match and winning all three matches in their round robin. In second place, and also winning all three matches in their round robin, was Secretly Feared from Central/House Church (middle row) with an average score of  118.33   Furious Rage from Pettisville Missionary (back row) was the third place team, averaging 111.25 points to win all four matches of their round robin.

All of the "Spirited" teams are pictured below!

Lapping Dogs, West Clinton

Flaming Darts, North Clinton

#blessedfools, Outback YFC

Chain of Gold, Sonrise

Guardians, North Clinton

The Voice, Eastland Baptist

Secretly Feared, Central/House Church

Cosmic, Central/House Church


Unbound, Eastland Baptist

Flaming Foxes, North Clinton

Angels, Pettisville Missionary

Furious Rage, Pettisville Missionary

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Meet #3 // January 29, 2017

The third meet of the season was held at North Clinton Church and covered the New Testament book of Colossians. Secretly Feared, the girls team from Central/House Church, earned first place in the Sunday afternoon meet. They scored an average of 113.8 points per match, winning all four of their matches for the day. Right now the team is leading the season with an 11-0-1 record. 

Awards were given to the teams who had the most quiz-outs over the past two meets. Tedrow quizzers had 16 quiz-outs (back row), Secretly Feared had 17 (middle row), and in the front row is the Eastland Baptist team, Unbound, who have had 18 quiz-outs in the last two meets. 

Awards were also given to individual quizzers who had the most quiz-outs and the least number of errs during the January 29th meet. Pictured below are the top five. From left: Grace Sheldon (Unbound, Eastland Baptist), Kate Nofziger (Secretly Feared, Central/House Church), Ava Hoylman (Tedrow), Ian Armstrong (Four Flaming Foxes, North Clinton), and William Nofziger (Cosmic, Central/House Church). Each quizzer had quizzed out in every match with only one err, except for Ava who had no errs.

Next Sunday the meet will be held at Pettisville Missionary Church at 2:00 pm. Quiz material will be over Daniel 1-4. It will also be team Spirit Week!