Saturday, March 14, 2015

Local Tournament

A mini tournament was held at North Clinton on March 8th, covering all of the Scripture studied this year (the whole book of Mark, as well as Acts 1-5). It was an exciting day of quizzing, with a team of "Future Quizzers" participating in some of the matches. It was the last local meet of the season, and quizzers will travel to West Liberty for the invitational next weekend!

 Taking first place with 6 wins, 1 loss -- The Voice from the house church

The Executionerz from Central came in second with 3 wins, 2 losses

House church's Miraculous team placed 3rd, and On Fire (not pictured) took 4th

Dogs Under the Table from West Clinton took first place in the Mark bracket

And Eastland Baptist's team, The Thunder won the Acts bracket

Quizzers who pushed in to earn their team a team bonus

Quizzers who answered the first question of a match

Quizzers who quizzed out in every match

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Meet #5 // March 1, 2015

The last official meet of the season was over Acts 3-5 and was held at Central Mennonite Church. Each team quizzed only three times before scores were tallied up, and season awards were presented to the top teams and quizzers.

Dogs Under the Table took the lead in Sunday's meet with an incredibly high average score of 151.67 points.

The Executionerz came in second for the day with an average of 103.33

The top 4 teams of the season were:

1st place - On Fire from the house church

2nd place - Executionerz from Central

 3rd place - The Voice from the house church

4th place - Miraculous from the house church

Finishing the season with perfect individual scores are (from left): Conner Johnson (Diakonos, North Clinton), Keri Aeschliman (The Voice, house church), Will Nofziger (Miraculous, house church), Elizabeth Miller (Dogs Under the Table, West Clinton), and Hope Nofziger (On Fire, house church)

Congrats to the rest of the quizzers who made it in the top 25!

4 teams were given a congeniality award by the rest of the quizzers:

The Believers from Tedrow

Dogs Under the Table - West Clinton

The Thunder from Eastland Baptist

Diakonos from North Clinton

We wrapped up the day with pizza and ice cream, as well as an exciting 3-team match between the oldest quizzers.

Looking forward to the local tournament coming up on March 8th! It will be held at North Clinton at 2pm, and will be a review of all the material studied this year.