Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Meet #4 // February 22, 2015

Teams met at West Clinton Mennonite Church on Sunday and quizzed over Mark 15-16 and Acts 1-2. Awards were given to the top-scoring teams, as well as the 4 teams who have earned the largest number of team bonuses for the season.

The Voice, with a 132 point average and 14 team bonuses for the season.

 On Fire had an average score of 124 points and 14 team bonuses as well.

Central's Executionerz and Dogs Under the Table from West Clinton were also recognized for their outstanding number of team bonuses for the season!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Meet #3 // February 8, 2015

Area quizzers were blessed with an extra week to study Mark 11-14, after cancelling the February 1st meet due to a snowstorm. But after three weeks of studying, everyone was eager to meet for another double round robin at Tedrow Mennonite Church.

On Fire earned a tie in their match against Commotion, breaking their season record of all wins. Still remaining in the lead however, the team's average score for the day was 139.

The Executionerz from Central Mennonite Church were a close second with a 133 point average.

6 top individuals made it through yet another meet, keeping their perfect scores. 
Of the 6, Conner Johnson, Kate and Will Nofziger, and Keri Aeschliman are new to Bible Quiz this year.

Meet #2 // January 18, 2015

Spirit Day was celebrated by the quizzers, who came to Eastland Baptist Church prepared to share their knowledge of Mark 8-10, as well as their team spirit!

House Church's On Fire team took the lead once again with a 146.25 point average score, maintaining their undefeated record.

Earning a tie for second place, with a 133.75 point average, were:

 Dogs Under the Table from West Clinton Mennonite Church

and The Voice from House Church 

Both second place teams, along with Miraculous (House Church), were honored by the judges and quiz masters for Spirit Day as well.

 Miraculous did a skit, highlighting many of the miracles of Jesus that are recorded in Mark
"This is Miraculous News!"

 Singing Wonderful Grace of Jesus

Quizzing under the table!

Of the 10 quizzers who started the day with a perfect score, 8 were able to quiz out every match and maintain their top individual positions.

 Host team, The Thunder, from Eastland Baptist leads in worship

 Diakonos, North Clinton

 Commotion, Sonrise

 The Believers, Tedrow Mennonite Church

The Thunder, Eastland Baptist