Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Meet #2 // January 24, 2016

Quizzers competed in a lot of really close matches during the meet held at Eastland Baptist Church. Of 27 total matches, covering Acts 13-16, over half of them were won by 20 points or less. Four rookie quizzers were also recognized for their high number of quiz-outs so far this season.

Trinity Snider (Acts Ray Vision, Eastland Baptist Church) has quizzed out in six of her nine matches. Joselyn Estrada (The Other Mob, Pettisville Missionary Church) and Belle Clark (The Sojourners, Outback YFC) have both quizzed out in seven of their nine matches. And Isaac Norr (The Mob, Pettisville Missionary Church) maintains a perfect score, having quizzed out in all nine of his matches so far. 
From left: Joselyn Estrada, Belle Clark, Isaac Norr, and Trinity Snider.

Taking first place in the Sunday meet, with an average score of 116.25 points, was Sla(y)in Beasts from Tedrow Mennonite Church.

Charged, from North Clinton, came in second with an average of 105 points per match.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Meet #1 // January 10, 2016

The first official meet of the 2016 Bible Quiz season was held at Pettisville Missionary church, and covered Acts 6-12. This year there are 30 new quizzers who were welcomed into the world of Bible Quiz and given a "rookie cookie" at the Sunday meet.

Taking fourth place, with 5 wins - 0 losses and an average score of 108 points, The Mob from Pettisville Missionary Church!

In third, with 3 wins - 2 losses and an average score of 110 points, Sla(y)in Beasts from Tedrow!

Right, from the house church, took second place with 5 straight wins and a 111 point average score.

In first place, also with 5 wins - 0 losses, and an average score of 126 points, was Charged from North Clinton.

The next meet will be held at Eastland Baptist Church on January 24th, and it will also be Spirit Day! Until then, have fun studying Acts 13-16!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Pre Event // January 3, 2016

To kick off the 2016 Bible Quiz season, area teams met for an exciting quiz tournament! The pre event was held at North Clinton Church on Sunday, January 3rd, and material quizzed over was taken from Acts 6-9.

There are 12 teams involved this year, and we welcome new teams from Pettisville Missionary Church and the Outback Youth Center!

Congratulations to the house church team 2 for winning the tournament! 

Coming in 2nd place was Charged from North Clinton.

Next Sunday, January 10th, will be the first official meet of the year with all scores counting towards season totals.